Rottweiler Characteristics

Despite his looks the Rottweiler is an athletic dog with very fluid movement. He is a dog with loads of personality, it is impossible for anyone not to notice his noble, attentive, calm and confident expression of his dark eyes and the finely chiseled formation of his unique head. This breed is known for its individuality, they should be understood and trained correctly to let us humans have an incomparable bonding with the dog. Many fans of the breed today have moved away from the breeds they used to own as a result of their character. They are a people dog loving the company of the family.

Characterizing the Rottweiler experts mention the highest degree of reliability caused by his courageous nature. His fighting spirit, fearlessness and firmness are deep in his grain. These are traits he has been bred for. These do not mean that he is ill natured. He is noted for his good nature. He behaves well in a family, home , streets and in society with ease. He does not get into fights or bark without reason. The Rottweiler is not a breed which has anxiousness or gustiness. He has no humility, falseness or guile in him. He deals with trouble firmly and without fear. He is calm and composed at all times. He is one who is on vigil while working and when at home, a loving member of the family who is amiable with children.

The Rottweiler being a strong, sturdy, strong willed dog cannot be physically punished towards obedience. This will cause a lot of grief to both man and dog. The consequence of this could also be irreparable.

The training abilities of the Rottweiler are well established. The breed usually responds to training slowly but its ability to retain its training has been noted by researchers. A. Tomanek notes that the Rottweiler, to attain its initial skills requires more time but the trained dog leads to lowered training time with out reduction in results.

The Rottweiler has a strong food reaction and the use of treats in training can be a useful tool.

The growing Rottweiler :

At around the age between 5 to 10 months goes through an adolescence stage. At this stage, typical of strong willed dogs the Rottweiler goes through a stage of stubbornness. He would show little signs of responding to training. He might show signs of being disobedient. It is at this time that the trainer should be firm without physical punishments continue to get the dog to perform his tasks with love, firmness and reward the puppy with treats for performance. Training should be custom to make it fun and mentally stimulate the puppy. A bit of sport in between the training session keeps the puppy focused and engaged.

Socialize the puppy between this age is essential. Some Rottweiler puppies during this stage also go through a fear stage (not to be mistaken for shyness or nervousness it is more a cautious nature towards the unknown). It is here that the role of socializing helps build a sound dog. Introduction to other animals, people, crowded streets and other such surrounds should be done with care and reassurance. Once the puppy has been reassured he is back to his own self. This period of socialization is essential in the make up of the dogs temperament as an adult.

Remember that like everything in the anatomy of the dog traits of temperament are also passed down through the bloodline. This makes it imperative that the bloodlines one picks their puppies from must be “clear in mind” and have the desired temperament. However it is also important to understand that a puppy that hails from the best of bloodline, having the best of temperament can be ruined by improper care and handling.

A great deal, much more than what the average person realizes about the development of good temperament in the dog is really is in the hands of the owner. This is very similar to the phrase “conditions maketh a man”.

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