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About Us

We are strong believers in the concept of running a small kennel with few dogs we ensure better concentration towards development of each individual and identifying each individuals persona and character. The result was that in all these years, we are yet to see a bad tempered dog or shy dog being the produce of our kennel. Early socialization and close monitoring of progress have helped us achieve high standards in our dogs.

Principles of breeding at Xcellsa:

All "winning" dogs need not be “great producers” and all progeny of “great producers” need not be “great winners”. To us the acid test for a “good producer” is consistent progeny, “type” &“temperament” shown through different litters, bred with different specimens. This is the fact of genetics and that is why breeding is so exciting to us at Xcellsa.

Our guiding principles, when we look to add dogs to our kennel are not only to choose great dogs, but also choose them only if they are from “even” “successful” litters. Another fundamental that we follow is the “get your X chromosome right” good females lay the foundation of a great kennel the male adds value on the platform that has been given to him.

Similarly when we select stud dogs an important criterion is not just the dog and what he has produced but also how his siblings have fared. So you may not find us using only “wining dogs” or maybe not using very “popular” stud dogs. This is not to say those dogs are good or bad. Simply put, it just that it might not make sense with our principles of breeding or may be the attributes brought by those dogs maybe not we are looking for at that point and time.

Dogs that have a flowery pedigree but don’t show it through their type mean little to us. So if the dog has a pedigree then we prefer it shows on the dog through its type and temperament.

We strive towards taking Indian Rottweilers to the next level. We thank all our Rottweiler fans and friends from across the globe who support and help in our endeavors.

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