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ADRK VDH Ch. Multi Seiger, Pit Vom Hirtenplatz
Official Member of the Rottweiler Association of Germany (ADRK)

ADRK VDH Ch. Multi Seiger, Pit Vom Hirtenplatz


ZTP at 2.8 years Height 66cm chest width 31cm weight 48kg length 75cm Around Chests 88cm Skull 15.0 cm Muzzle 9.5cm High temperment, friendly, Powerful Dog with good medium strong bone. Muscled cheek and forceful head, good Zygomatic arch, correct dark brown eyes 2a. Good Stop and Muzzle. Dark Nose and lips with pink pebbles on gums. Correct skin. Distinct and well placed ears of medium size. The dog has very powerful strong neck and tight skin all over with dry over all muscle. He has well fitting tight sholders and firm strog topline and underline. He has very firm and strong pastens which are angled correctly. A good tail carriage. Correct coat with with good markings. Very correctly angled hind legs with a powerfful far reaching movements. In Breed temperment excellent in readiness, attack, escape, reliability, calming, and resilence. Pit at the age of 5 was 57 kilos of muscle measuring 67 at the wither. He is commonly refered to as the "Frieght Train" in germany. Known to be one of the fastest Rottweilers for work at the VPG sport. He is unique in many ways as he is a Rottweiler that is always there in the top 7 dogs in any world championship level (ADRK world Championship, Bodeenseiger championship, Europa Championships) shows and at the same time known for his working ability. He is also a very good producer having produced puppies that have already begun to make their mark in the show rings. Pit also competed his Gekort EZA with flying colors and had an excellent rating in Anatomy, Progeny and Working .


HD-Frei ED-Frei BH, AD, VPG III Gekort EZA, Rheinberg Seiger 2007, Hanauseiger 2007, Saarland Seiger 2008. ADRK VDH Champion.


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  • Event Date
  • 13/09/2009

  • Event Name
  • Korung

  • Details
  • Pit Hirtenplatz completed his Gekort EZA with flying colors, Excellent Progeny, Excellent in Anatomy and needless to say Excellent in Working and Protection

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