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Xcellsa's Captain Jack Sparrow
Official Member of the Rottweiler Association of Germany (ADRK)

Xcellsa's Captain Jack Sparrow


Very Large Dog (68 Cm) with with very correct proportion. very good type of body with heavy bone of good strength. Large head with correct length and proportion of muzzle. Very good presentation of zygomatic arch and good width of cheek bones. Very Dark eyes with black lips and gums. Elegant Neck which is carried well and is very well muscled compliments a wide and broad chest. Front and rear very well angulated and moves with a fluid and far reaching gait. Powerful body which is very tight and firm all over. High withers, straight powerful back with a long and well angualted croup.


Xcellsa's Captain Jack Sparrow from our prized litter ADRK Ch. Gekort EZA VPG III Pit vom Hirtenplatz, and our Lovely Girl Brenda Vom Kressbach.


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  • 07/05/2012

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