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Dt. VDH Ch.Arkan Vom Hause Neubrand II
Official Member of the Rottweiler Association of Germany (ADRK)

Dt. VDH Ch.Arkan Vom Hause Neubrand II


Dt. VDH Champion, St.Gallen-Sieger 2011, Baden Wurttenberg Sieger 2011, Augsburg Sieger 2011, Bodesee Youth Winner 2010 HD FREI ED FREI BH, AD, VPG III Height 67 Cm very strong dog Spirited, powerful, Friendly Male with powerful bone and muscling. very Strong Head with rich Cheek fill, Pronounced Stop with Wide muzzle and correct carriage of ears with good size . Dark eyes (2A)with Dark Nose and Dark mouth with spotting in the corner of the mouth. Powerful Neck and strong chest standing correct in front with Very tight shoulders with correct topline. Correct Tail carriage, with fluid far reaching gait.


Arkan is the Result of an Outcross between Selene Vom Hause Neubrand and Atos Vom Mattesburg Multi V1 Rated, Gekort EZA. Selene Vom Hause Neubrand is linebred to the "O"litter of Hause Neubrand. She is daughter to Quaid Vom Hause Enzian, Multi V Rated Gekort Bis.( Orlando Son ) and Ivett Vom hause Neubrand (daughter to Oxana). Atos's Brother Adonis is again another highly V rated Dog with a Gek. Bis. Atos is the result of a Kor and performance Breeding where both parents are Korung qualified. Atos is also Grandson to Akino von der Lauterbruke and Hero Vom Hohegeiss.


  • Date
  • 28/12/2011

  • Title
  • Arkan DT VDH Champion!!!

  • Description
  • Dt. VDH Champion, St.Gallen-Sieger 2011,Baden Wurttenberg Sieger 2011,Augsburg Sieger 2011.. these besides the impressive showrecord at the Klub Sieger 2011 at this young age.. A Testament that at Xcellsa we don't just go by winnings but by what the dog represents and brings to the table. when we used Arkan he was just a young dog that showed promise, now he begins to step out and sieze the limelight... We believe that this is just his beginning.. he has bigger tomorrows to come his way..

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