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Xcellsa's Fast and Furious Gal Lisa
Official Member of the Rottweiler Association of Germany (ADRK)

Xcellsa's Fast and Furious Gal Lisa


Medium large bitch with strong type and temperament. Clean and well proportioned in body with excellent balance. Very good head with clear well defined stop good refined zygomatic arches and pronounced cheek bones and broad muzzle. Good proportion of muzzle to head. Dark eyes which are almond shaped, medium ears set and carried correctly. Dark lips and gums. Nice long neck with good strength and good width of chests for the age. High withers and short back well laid croup with gentle sloping and correct carriage of tail. Hinds good length and width with correct angles. In movement very fluid and harmonious with powerful far reaching gait


A bitch with lots of the lots of type and loads of Temperament.


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  • 07/05/2012

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